Friday, August 7, 2009

Shinobi Kai Kenjutsu - Daily Visitors' Map

We have visitors and practitioners from every country daily.  I honestly didn't expect this. Thankyou for your visits, I wish you all success in your quests.  Most of your questions are already answered within the sites posts.  I may have already written about them between youtube and the blog-sites.  If I have not, then I will respond to your questions as soon as I can.  We have quite a bunch more to be posted.  If you would like to inquire about certifications, I will be glad to give you the requirements (for apprenticeship, instructor's and master's) .  There will be a required 8-hour sparring with me, covering all possible scenario.  Don't worry, I have impeccable control.  antonio lamotta

This is not the usual brute-physical training that most schools accommodate.  If anything, you will get whipped more by your own stamina, courage, and ego.  To better strengthen your wisdom in strattegy and the way of the sword, and to sharpen your soul against the seven sins.  Beat not the man or the flesh but the devils out of your soul.        Bring extra pairs of pants.      (757) 284-9828

Hi folks,  as you can see our new visits dwarfed the largest history we've had more than tweny times.  Sorry if I can't respond to some.  I will try the best I can.